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Whether you are new to shoe repair or a veteran to getting your favorite shoes or leather articles repaired, we are pretty sure you still have questions, so here is our attempt to answer them as they come up. Thanks for tuning in.

Q. It’s going to be my first time repairing a pair of shoes, what are a couple things I should do?

A. Bring in the pair of shoes, not just one. Also to keep in mind, do not do a repair by yourself first if you plan to bring them in as a second option, sometimes repairs done with products from home could harm the shoe beyond repair or it could significantly damage it, or also could cost more to repair. Anything else, just give us a call if you have any questions.
We also ask that they have been wiped down with no excrement of any kind (they don't have to be pretty, just don't bring us nasty shoes), and please make sure your shoes are not expelling any extreme foul odors, it could be subject to a $20 cleaning fee.

Q. I want to stretch my shoes, can you do it and how much do they stretch?

A. Yes! We do shoe stretching. Typically we can stretch a shoe from a D to a EE in width (two width sizes) and about 1/4 size in length. We can also add more space for toes or raise an instep. We can even stretch the calves on boots. And in a related note if your shoes are too loose, you can pick up heel grips, tongue pads and insoles to create a better fit.

Q. Are there other things you repair besides leather articles and shoes?

A. Yes we do! In fact, so many different things come in our shop to be repaired, we get surprised every day. But just to list a couple we repair suitcases, briefcases, saddles, gloves, nylon strapping, buckle replacements, belt shortening and hole making, upholstery (Small items that can be carried in), bags of all kinds and types, holsters, sheaths, hats, and that's all we can think off of our tops of our heads. 

Q. Do you specialize on any single type of repair?

A. We have a wide range of shoe and leather repair ability, but we do specialize in repairing Red Wing Shoes. We are Red Wing Shoes Authorized Dealers and we have exclusive access to specialty soles and brand specific specs along with branded materials and accessories. We also do warranty work for Red Wing Boots and for you it could possibly be at no out of pocket cost to repair your boots. Just bring in your boots and your original receipt to verify your warranty status.
Although we have access to Red Wing branded items, they are more expensive and availability is limited and only use them with special requests, and so by default we use their comparable-quality generic counterparts that are more widely available items.

Q. Are my shoes worth fixing?

A. With the rising costs of footwear today, almost all shoes are worth fixing. However the cost of repairs can sometimes exceed the price of a new pair. We can advise you and give you an estimated cost of repairs that are needed.

Q. What brands of shoes do you work on?

A. We repair any brand of footwear. However as you would expect, higher quality shoes always net better results. The majority of less expensive footwear and accessories are not cost effective to repair. Also, the design and materials used on some footwear renders them un-repairable. For some of the brands we have worked on, click HERE.

Q. What constitutes a good repair and what should I expect?

A. A good repair should look as though it came out of the box when it was new. Heels should be trimmed properly and edges should be smooth with no rough sanding marks. Half soles should have a neat, clean and nearly invisible line where joined to the original sole. Sole thickness and heel height should be identical to the factory original. Stitches should be neat with the same color and size of thread. Old stitches should be removed and new stitches should be placed in the same holes the old ones came out of. You should expect your shoes to look and feel like new, just broken in.

Q. Are there different qualities of materials?

A. Yes, Absolutely! Many other shops today have tried to cut their costs by using inferior materials. At Modern Cobblery™ we only use the highest quality materials available. We order from suppliers from across the country and buy products from around the world to ensure that we give our customers the best.

Q. How long will it take for my shoes to be repaired?

A. Generally we try to complete most of our smaller repairs within 2-3 business days and major repairs in 5-7 business days. However, due to high volume and the nature of some repairs, completion may take longer.

Q. Another shop has worked on my shoes and they rendered an undesirable job, can they be saved?

A. In some cases, we can redo other shops’ inferior workmanship. However we have seen some repairs that are so bad that they are beyond total salvation. Just keep in mind that repairs like these tend to cost over twice the price if not a lot more depending on the condition of your shoes.

Q. Can my suede or fabric shoes and handbags be cleaned?

A. Yes! In fact most of the time we achieve excellent results. However, results can vary with different materials and the nature of the stains. Because of the nature and question-ability of some type of materials, we must always see and inspect the article so that we can give you a professional opinion. Just keep in mind that we do not accept any articles with bio-hazardous material (blood, vomit, or excrement).

Q. Can I mail my shoes or leather articles for repair?

A. We prefer to see your shoes and to speak with you in person. This allows us to show and explain to you exactly what will be done to your shoes. It is very difficult to try and do this over the phone or mail, as each job is different and may require extra work. By bringing in your shoes or leather articles in person we can also show you examples of our work.
BUT, for those that still want our repair services and cannot come in our shop in person, you can contact us via the form below, email or phone and we can set up a repair ticket for you.