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Red Wing Full Sole

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New full sole for Red Wing brand boots. This type of repair is used for a majority of work boots like the Red Wing 595's and the 875's and any SEWN on welt (Not molded soles). This repair uses original Red Wing Branded materials and techniques for Red Wing work shoes and boot. Additional custom repairs are also subject to additional costs.

If you are looking for economical unbranded materials see Vibram Full Soles.

Whats included in this repair:

  • Red Wing Branded Original sole replacement and heel if applicable
  • Replace filler if applicable, usually cork or foam
  • Repair small uppers stitching
  • Wash
  • Conditioning
  • Broken eyelet replacements


Options available:

Shoe Repair
Modern Cobblery
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2. Repair and Return
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3. Receive and Enjoy
Once you receive your shoes you can enjoy the benefits of repairing rather than replacing.