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Tuff Toe

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Tuff Toe is a polyurethane adhesive with abrasion, chemical and water-resistant abilities that has been specially designed to provide long-term protection for your footwear. With Tuff Toe, never again will you tear out the front of your expensive new work boots! OR, repair your worn boots with Tuff need to buy new boots when you can fix the ones you already have! Tuff Toe has been well tested and worn by EVERY Major League Baseball pitcher since the late 1970's. Features: Six stylish colors (Black, Brown, Tan, Red, White, Blue) White will turn yellow quickly Smooth finish for a clean, professional look Cures to a durable yet flexible protective layer Quick and easy one-time 15 minute application - No time consuming layering Bonds permanently with any NEW or USED footwear Customize your application area Each order of Tuff Toe Work Boot Formula includes: Tuff Toe adhesive Dual chamber mixing cartridge Plunger 3 mixing tips Sandpaper Applicator stick.